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Need support to grow your start-up or small business? Find out about the freelance creative and consultancy services I provide entrepreneurs and business owners in marketing, events and communications.


i'm on your team!

Creator of spaces, places and lovely times; mentor; coach; relationship builder; event facilitator; super organiser; host; marketing all-rounder; problem solver; copywriter; traveller; foodie and much more!

When not helping people to take the plunge and follow their dreams, I'm always looking to work with awesome people, communities and brands to create amazing moments and deliver innovative projects.

With creative solutions for start-ups and small businesses, I can help you out of a hole in terms of marketing strategy and execution, events curation, copywriting & blogging, social media management and lots more! 

Here's some of the work I love to do! Why not drop me a line ...

  • Marketing strategy & planning - let me be on your team shouting about your brand!
  • Copywriting & communications - blog posts, online copy, sponsored content, travel writing & much more! 
  • Online - social media management, e-newsletters, SEO for beginners and basic Squarespace design
  • Outside of the box events - creating and executing wonderful moments to remember!
  • For larger organisations or educational providers, I am also available for wellbeing at work programmes and / or as a guest speaker - please contact me for more details.

Find out more on my LinkedIn profile.

I'd also love to hear from brands looking to collaborate on partnerships, press trips and other opportunities.

Below are a few snaps from some of the work I've been involved with ... yoga retreats, trade shows, a bar launch, conferences, a community arts festival, a makers’ market, a farm café social enterprise, team building days and a community pizza party, to name a few!  So please say hello and we can make collaborative magic! 

Click here to get in touch for a coffee and a chat (even if it's virtual) and let's start dreaming some dreams. 

Liz x