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What people have to say about working with Answers On A Postcard! Read the latest feedback from my personal mentoring and business coaching clients, as well as my branding collaborations in Leeds, UK and internationally.



Some lovely people said some lovely things ...


Make Your Dreams Reality workshop participants

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"Just been to an amazing workshop which (gently) forced me to sit my ass down, concentrate and take stock of my life and plan the next step."

"It was a great day, very motivating and it was great meeting new people who are sort of in the same place as me - thinking of making a change"

"Great to have focused tasks to prompt and research where my passions lie and how to take steps towards them"

"Thank you again for Saturday - it has been life changing for me to know I'm not the only one who wants something a bit different!"


Karissa - co-founder of Azulfit Yoga and Pilates Retreats 

"When I think about working with Liz the first thing that comes to mind is the laughter we shared. Every brainstorming session and project we planned always involved a lot of laughter - which helps to bring both clarity of purpose AND joy to your work; I firmly believe there is nothing more important. 

Another aspect I loved about working with Liz was the care and attention to detail she brought to every task, big or small. Liz took time to listen and develop a complete understanding of each goal and balanced that with practical expertise before making recommendations to us on strategy and project planning; long or short term. She was able to turn her hand to everything big or small and we really appreciated her skill set and valued her vision. Grounded, vibrant, and full of ideas she is the perfect partner to help you get started with any project, strategy, or event. 

She has a down to earth work ethic and a strategic, grounded approach which is brilliantly balanced by the laughter and the twinkle you'll see in her eye when she is lit up by a good idea. It's then that you know something magic is in the works and where the fun begins. The sky is the limit with Liz and we are blessed & honoured we had the opportunity to work with her."

Helena - studio owner, We Are Wellness

"I met Liz a few years back, very briefly just before she decided to take the leap to a new life. Via the magic of Instagram I followed her journey which became regular Monday morning inspiration.

Despite having what many might consider to be a ‘dream job’, self employed yoga teacher and studio owner, I wasn’t feeling content with my life, knowing that my body needs warmth, the sun and outdoors. I decided to get in touch with Liz to find out how she did it, and well fast forward to now and she is doing just that.

Even during the first coffee we had together she helped me to start to visualise the ‘how’ and more importantly empowered me to know I CAN. Knowing that she has successfully taken a leap in life that many of us fear is so reassuring. That is exactly what I needed. I don’t think she truly realises how powerful our time together has been. Thanks Liz!"


James & Lianne - founders of The Fit Retreat

"Liz has been truly invaluable to The Fit Retreat.

Her marketing & advertising skills and knowledge are fantastic and she has helped The Fit Retreat become a known business. 

Liz has an amazing personality, which not only reflects in her work, but also makes it very easy to work alongside her. Liz has been there to help us and guide us through areas we knew little about. She will go above and beyond to see you succeed.

If you need a trustworthy, friendly and professional marketing person, Liz is most definitely the lady for you!"

Mentoring client - after 1st session

"Thank you so much for your time today, it was so lovely to speak to you. I instantly felt like we connected and that you could relate to everything that I'm going through. I'm really excited to receive your proposal."