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FREE personal branding worksheet

Download my personal branding worksheet and start telling your story as an entrepreneur or small business owner.

what's your personal brand all about?!

Having a personal brand is now a must have for social media & online networks. It's your reputation, what you're known for and how you can promote your USPs if wanting to build a business, move career or create change. Tell your story by being authentically and unapologetically you!

Personal branding is something we cover in our Business+Branding without the Burnout workshop and that I sometimes work with my business coaching clients on, but you can start working on yours now, by downloading my helpful personal branding worksheet below!

Complete the different sections of the worksheet to define your personal brand identity and then start to think about how you're presenting yourself online to potential clients, employers or colleagues through the images you use, the tone of voice you speak with and the values you're promoting. Does it all add up!?

Let me know how you get on! 

Liz x

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