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My Story

Find out how I quit my 9-5 in Leeds and escaped the city 4 years ago to work, live and travel the life I always dreamed of. Learn how I  became self-employed to set up my own business and how you can too! 


All about me...

Hi I'm Liz, a red-haired girl from Yorkshire, who 4 years ago, in a move that even surprised myself, escaped the city and set off on an adventure to try and live a life that I really hoped was out there to be found ... 

Whilst I've always believed that people are at their best when they're having fun and that as much of life as possible should be spent enjoying amazing moments... it's fair to say that back then I wasn't living by my own rules ... I wasn't having fun. From the outside, it may have looked like I'd pretty much got it all, but inside there had been a little voice daring to dream for a long long time. And one day it got loud!

It was time to start listening...

Back in 2013, having spent much of my career supporting organisations and individuals across a range of sectors to deliver new ideas and implement change, I decided it was time I did the same!

After an incredible yoga retreat holiday at Azulfit, the very ordinary girl with the sensible job at Leeds City Council decided to quit!!! I packed my life in my car and drove to southwest France on the start of quite an adventure involving Iceland, California, Santorini and a new home in Fuerteventura managing a beach yoga retreat! (Read on below for all my adventures!)

Fast forward to now and I'm here for all you entrepreneurs, start-ups and adventure seekers looking to create change in your life or business. Offering personal mentoring, business coaching and brand strategy for small businesses or those aspiring to take the plunge to self-employment, I want to help you to create moments and experiences that make a difference! 

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A snippet of the last 4 years!

In September 2013 I packed up my car and drove to France where I spent 3 months on my own, first volunteering on an eco-renovation in Rochefort, before renting a little house in La Rochelle and having an autumnal retreat to reflect on what the next chapter had in store!

From there, my travel dreams came true, when I finally ticked Iceland off my list and I began to believe that maybe I could pursue the lifestyle I wanted. 

Things really changed when I was offered an incredible opportunity to spend 3 months in San Diego County helping set up Azulfit's new retreat centre and soaking up the So Cal lifestyle and sunshine ... (still pinching myself about that one 3 years later)!

Then it was home to Yorkshire to witness my little sis get married before jetting off on more yoga-based travels to the Greek Islands and Fuerteventura, including hosting a yoga retreat in stunning Santorini!

I decided to make the Canary Islands my second home in 2014 and until recently I have spent much of the last few years there with pretty much the dream job of running a beach yoga retreat. 

I decided to take the plunge to set up my own business at the start of 2017 and created Answers On A Postcard; using my years of experience in supporting organisations and individuals across a range of sectors to deliver new ideas and implement change to support others to strive for better lives, better business and better balance.

Not bad eh?! In fact I read it back and think 'wow' even though I was the one doing it! Here's the thing though, it wasn't as easy as it sounds ... yes, the last 4 years have been amazing, but what no-one ever tells you is that 'living the dream' is really bloody hard! I have battled lots of challenges. I have doubted myself at every step of the way. I have worried about money. I have told myself I don't deserve it. 

But now I realise I do. And so do you. 

Because whilst it's really bloody hard... it's really bloody worth it.

Now it's time for a new adventure ... who's with me? Find out how you can take the plunge too here!

Liz x

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