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I want SOLUTIONS - aka the job done.

If you're clear on your needs, but you don't want the hassle of doing the work yourself, I'm your girl! 

With a post-graduate professional diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and qualifications in Leadership & Management, plus over 12 years’ experience in a broad range of marketing, communications and strategic management roles before setting up my own company, I'm most definitely a marketing 'all-rounder' AND i'm proud of it! 

Rather than being an 'expert' in one particular area; I offer flexible, affordable marketing solutions whether you're looking for strategy, brand development, social media management, content creation, email marketing and more! The chances are that as a small business you might need a bit of mix, but that's the benefit of working with a 'jack of all trades', I'm happy to go with the flow! :)

Find out more below about the different services I offer - all can be packaged to fit your individual needs!

Work with me! 

With creative solutions for start-ups and small businesses, I can help you out of a hole in terms of marketing strategy and execution, events curation, copywriting & blogging, social media management and lots more! 

With half and full day rates available, you can choose your marketing a la carte to meet the changing needs of the business or we can agree project goals or monthly packages to keep growing month by month. It's your business - you choose! 

Simple, clean, modern web design that does the job!

As a solopreneur or kitchen table business, you really do NOT need to be spending £1000s on a website!

That doesn't mean however that a website is not a powerful platform to develop an online presence, showcase your products / services and connect with your customers. 

Thankfully you can achieve a professional looking, easy to use website (like this one) without breaking the bank! 

Join the EXEC LOUNGE! 

As a self-proclaimed 'all-rounder', I am the first to acknowledge that some areas of marketing, may require niche knowledge from industry experts. 

Luckily, after  years of professional experience and a healthy list of contacts, I have a built a dream team of a network, packed full of all the people you might be for to support your business. 

Web developers, PR experts, designers, photographers ... who do you need!?

If you can't see what you're looking for, why not give me a shout; or return to my menu of services for more options.

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