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I want to know HOW to do it myself.

Wish you were here?! 

By that I mean you know the basics of what goes into marketing your business; you know you need a marketing mix; you know you need an online presence; you want to build a value-based brand; you've read all the articles; you're in all the entrepreneurial Facebook groups; you've watched the online tutorials; but then there's the actual reality of making it happen! 


If you feel like you're spending more time trying to learn marketing than actually marketing your business ... you're in the right place!

There is a tonne of theory out there (I know, I've studied it), but if you're a solopreneur with limited time, energy and budget, what you really want is to get the job done! 

Introducing your marketing 'answers on a postcard'


Marketing 101 - THE POSTCARDS

Speaking to my clients, it seems like marketing, and all associated with it, is often portrayed as this great big mystery with jargon, algorithms and tech talk.

Only it's really MUCH simpler, especially for small businesses who should be looking to make the difference where it matters. 

This is where my marketing 'postcards' come in - using my years of experience in marketing across most of the major channels, I've been working on a range of affordable, concise tools guaranteed to move you from clueless to your own marketing manager in no time! 

Say hello with my FREE 20 minute 1-2-1 :)

Going out there on your own is super challenging, and whilst your friends & family will be there to support, often they may lack the skills, knowledge AND objectivity to provide the advice you really want or need.

That being said, with the right support and guidance, taking that leap to become an entrepreneur needn't be a headache - you just need the right person to work with!

If you're clear on the difference you want to make with your marketing, why not get in touch to pick my brain and learn more about my range of 1-2-1 support. 

Shape it to make it! 

'Shape It' sessions are the equivalent of a marketing mini-break!

They offer you the chance to focus specifically on one marketing goal or area of your business, mapping out a plan and coming up with a series of actions to achieve it! 

You're going to get focused to work out WHAT you need to do to get to WHERE YOU WANT TO GO and write a plan to work out HOW. They're about moving from the 'what if' and 'one day' to tackling the biggest thing on your to-do list and smashing it! This really is your Answers On A Postcard!

If you're ready to take it to the next level and start working with an expert (me!) click here or return to my menu of services.

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