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Freelance marketing services

Need support to grow your start-up or small business? Find out about the freelance creative and consultancy services I provide entrepreneurs and business owners in marketing, events and communications.

I am on your team!

As a growing business, having a marketing department might feel like a bit of a pipe-dream right now, but with my flexible freelance packages, it's more achievable than you think.

Rather than being an 'expert' in one particular area; I offer bespoke, yet affordable marketing solutions whether you're looking for strategy, brand development, social media management, content creation, email marketing or something else! The chances are that as a small business you might need a bit of mix, but that's the benefit of working with an 'all-rounder' - it's a one stop shop! 

As a CIM qualified marketing professional, I am here to connect the dots, take the pressure off, get focused on your goals and, most importantly, allow YOU to focus on your passion! 

Services can be provided in blocks of 2 hours, half days or full days. Alternatively, please contact me for a quote if you have a particular piece of work or launch that is a one-off project. 


Integrated marketing planning & strategy

An integrated approach to marketing is about connecting the dots and ensuring you're bang on brand at every point of contact with your customer; whether they're buying a product; seeing an advert, finding you on social media, receiving an email newsletter or talking to you on the phone.

Working alongside you, I will listen to your objectives, review your activity and design the best strategy to meet your customer's needs. Armed with this masterplan, I'll then recommend the right marketing mix (on and offline) and communication activity to deliver those all important results! 

Your brand is not just your logo.

Your brand is your story; it's your personality; it represents your values and what you stand for as a business. Your brand is your work culture, even as a solopreneur; and your promise to your customer every time you connect with them.

We'll work together to identify your business' underpinning values; before developing a branding document encompassing your brand's story, tone of voice, style, imagery, typography, colours ...oh and logo!

Brand development

Content creation 

Bill Gate's said 'content is king' and who am I to argue?! 

Whether you're looking to improve your SEO; establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry; boost your website conversions; or simply have better chat with your customers - CONTENT is where it's at!

I can make your's work harder for you by producing killer content for your website, social media, internal communications, blog, newsletters and more. 

I'm also a bit of a grammar geek, so if you're looking for proofreading, I'm your woman. 

Love it or hate it, social media is not going anywhere. 

That doesn't mean though that you need to spend all your day glued to your phone updating the 'Gram, responding to Facebook comments and creating inspirational Pins, when you could be focusing on your business.

As part of your marketing mix, I can help you identify the best social media channels to connect with your customers; plus if you want to offload your account management to me, I can start telling your story and leave you to get on with the day job. #simples

Social media management

Email marketing 

You know all those lovely people who have clicked 'subscribe' on your website ... yep, they want to hear from you. In fact, they REALLY want to hear from you and they have the potential to be your best customers, if they're not already. 

Give the people what they want. 

If 'email newsletter' is the task that's stuck on your to-do list week after week, I can help you out by writing engaging newsletter content, packed full of your latest updates, offers and products to make sure your biggest fans stay in the know. I'm not too shabby using Mailchimp either, so your must-read e-shot can fly over t'interweb looking all shiny and professional. 

Marketing assets 

Customers in 2018 demand value and having a few go-to marketing assets up your sleeve can be a great way to hook in your next sale.

Whether you're looking for an e-book, a case study or a free download for your website, I can design, create and execute content that can deliver over and over. 

And let's not forget that a whole world still exists away from the internet, IN REAL LIFE, which means that there is most definitely still a place for off-line marketing assets, including business cards, brochures, flyers, case studies and packaging. 

Get in touch to chat through ideas.

Website & online

It's easy to believe that a strong Instagram following is all you need to grow a successful business these days, but in reality most people's first port of call when looking for a particular product or service is still good old Google. 

Your website is your shop window and a powerful platform to showcase what you're all about. 

Find out more about my simple, modern website here or get in touch if you're wanting something a bit more elaborate and I know the people to work with!


Your business is unique, which means that the most effective marketing approach for you is unique too. 

Whether you're looking for a short term injection of marketing magic or wanting regular support to grow your business, I offer flexible packages based on 2 hour blocks of time, half days or full days. 

You can use this time flexibly depending on what your business needs right now, choosing services a la carte depending on what this week's priorities are. 

It's your business - you're the boss!