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Make Your Dreams Reality!


Wanting to live, work or travel on your terms? Join the answers on a postcard team for events and life changing coaching workshops to inspire you to take the plunge and start living your dreams! 

NEW FOR 2018: Business + Branding without the burnout in Leeds!

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Make Your Dreams Reality!

  • Leeds, UK @ We Are Wellness Hilton Court, 2 North Hill Road, Leeds LS6 2EN UK (map)

Let me ask you if you've ever...

a) Spent most of the weekend feeling sick at the thought of work on Monday ?

b) Wasted away hours, days, weeks in the office dreaming of jumping on a plane and living life differently?

c) Truly believed that life has to be about more than work, eat, sleep, repeat?

d) Racked your brain desperately for the 'idea' ... the thing that you're meant to do, but for the life of you, can't work what it is?!

e) All of the above (repeatedly) and yet you're scared s**tless and have no idea how to do anything about it?!

Oh you have?! Yeah me too ...

But here's the thing, it doesn't have to be like that ... really. And the reason I know this (even if I still can't quite believe it) is that I did something about it. I actually did! AND YOU CAN TOO!

answers on a postcard is here to help you take the plunge to live, work and travel differently, or more simply just live life on your terms! That might sound easy, but I know firsthand that it's really scary to take that leap when you've got bills to pay, a job to go to and perhaps more than anything you're terrified about f**king it up! Team that with everything going on in the world today, stressful lives, just getting up in the morning and it's easy to feel like you're stuck on a hamster wheel right!?

We have just the thing! Working with the lovely folk at We Are Wellness, 'Make Your Dreams Reality!' is an incredible life changing workshop designed to help you take the plunge to start living your dreams:

Join us on Saturday 12th August, where you can expect:

  • Inspiring vinyasa yoga to get the creative juices and your body flowing

  • A warm, friendly and supportive space where anything might just be possible

  • Saying it's okay to be scared about change!

  • No judgement

  • First hand experience about how to 'quit your life' and make the changes you want, however big or small.

  • Coaching-based exercises and activities in a fun and collaborative environment - we're going to have a laugh!

  • Super helpful, no jargon resources ... because I don't really understand what a 'location independent click funnel' is either!

  • Saying that friends, family, flexibility and travel are important to you! 

  • 1-2-1 honest, supportive advice to start you on your way as you reach for the stars - we're all different and this is NOT about following the same path as anyone else.

  • And brunch ... because when do we not need brunch!?

So ... maybe you want to travel more, spend the winter in the sunshine or take the plunge and move abroad?

Maybe you've had enough of 9-5, are dreaming of working for yourself or feel it's time to go part-time to focus on your interests (or just have a little rest)?

Maybe you want to be inspired by others who are following their passions or are exploring the idea of 'escaping the city'?

Or ... maybe you haven't got a clue, but the little voice in your head is telling you it's time for something different?

Well you're in the right place... so let's get started! 

Book here at We Are Wellness or contact me with any questions! 

Later Event: January 20
Make Your Dreams Reality!