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Make Your Dreams Reality!


Wanting to live, work or travel on your terms? Join the answers on a postcard team for events and life changing coaching workshops to inspire you to take the plunge and start living your dreams! 

NEW FOR 2018: Business + Branding without the burnout in Leeds!

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Make Your Dreams Reality!

  • Leeds, UK @ We Are Wellness Hilton Court, 2 North Hill Road, Leeds, LS6 2EN UK (map)

Answers On A Postcard and We Are Wellness are once again collaborating this January in Leeds on a life changing workshop 'Make Your Dreams Reality', designed to help you take the plunge to live the life you want, create the change you're craving and follow your dreams! (Find out how we got on last time here!)

Have you had enough of 9-5, are dreaming of working for yourself or feel it’s time to go part-time to focus on your interests? 

Do you want to travel more, spend the winter in the sunshine or take the plunge and move abroad? 

Perhaps you want to be inspired by others who are following their passions or are exploring the idea of making changes, however big or small? 

Or … maybe you haven’t got a bloody clue, but the little voice in your head is telling you it’s time for something different?

Well we've got just the thing!

Make Your Dreams Reality!
Make Your Dreams Reality!

What's it all about?

Answers On A Postcard is here to help you take the plunge to live, work and travel differently, or more simply just live life on your terms! That might sound easy, but I know firsthand that it’s really scary to take that leap when you’ve got bills to pay, a job to go to and perhaps more than anything you’re terrified about f**king it up! Team that with everything going on in the world today, stressful lives, just getting up in the morning and it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel right!?

But here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be like that … really. And the reason I know this (even if I still can’t quite believe it) is that I did something about it. I actually did! AND YOU CAN TOO!

Make Your Dreams Reality!

A day all about YOU!

'Make Your Dreams Reality' is designed to allow you to chase your curiosities in supportive and friendly environment - the day is all about helping you identify the 'what', understand what's stopping you, navigate the 'how' and mostly just believe that you've got this down! 

So, whether you want to get healthier, go part-time at work, change careers, travel more, set up your own business or just feel stuck in rut and want to kickstart something awesome (whatever that might be!), the day is designed to allow you to take from it what you want ... it's your life after all! 

Make Your Dreams Reality!

What you can expect:

We know it might be a little daunting to attend a workshop about changing your life, but we know from last time that the day will be fun and friendly. A space where you can feel safe in the fact you can dare to dream without any judgement and more importantly it's going to be a blast! No death by PowerPoint; the day is all about bringing together an amazing group of people (that's you by the way) who are ready to be inspired and take on board practical advice about how to really start living the life you want! 

Make Your Dreams Reality!
Make Your Dreams Reality!

What we'll get up to.

  • Pre-workshop activities to put you in a positive mindset and allow you to take the most from the day.
  • Inspiring yoga flow to get the creative juices and your body moving
  • A warm, friendly and supportive space where anything might just be possible
  • Saying it’s okay to be scared about change!
  • No judgement
  • First hand experience about how to ‘quit your life’ and make the changes you want, however big or small.
  • Coaching-based exercises and activities in a fun and collaborative environment – we’re going to have a laugh!
  • Super helpful, no jargon resources … no BS here!
  • Through useful resources; fun yet thought-provoking activities; and supporting each other, you will come away fired up to start working on your goals and with a personalised plan you have created yourself!
  • 1-2-1 honest, supportive advice to start you on your way as you reach for the stars – we’re all different and this is NOT about following the same path as anyone else.
  • Delicious healthy lunch … because when do we not need lunch!?
  • Ongoing support through a private Facebook group.
Make Your Dreams Reality!
Make Your Dreams Reality!

Is it right for me!?

Very simply YES!

Whilst by no means we're saying there's a magic wand, we both know that with hard work, the right mindset and some easy to follow practical resources, many things are possible! 

Make Your Dreams Reality!

You can expect to leave the day inspired, motivated and equipped with the tools you need to start making positive changes in your personal or work life ... whether they're small steps or big decisions to take the leap to live life differently!

Don't just hear it from us!

"Just been to an amazing workshop which (gently) forced me to sit my ass down, concentrate and take stock of my life and plan the next step."

"It was a great day, very motivating and it was great meeting new people who are sort of in the same place as me - thinking of making a change"

"Great to have focused tasks to prompt and research where my passions lie and how to take steps towards them"

"Thank you again for Saturday - it has been life changing for me to know I'm not the only one who wants something a bit different!"

Make Your Dreams Reality!

Details of the day:

08.30-09.00: Welcome and tea/coffee
09.00-10.00:  Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Helena
10.00- 12.00: Design your ideal life
12.00-13.00: Working vegan lunch and plenty of time to chat about ideas
13.00-16.00: Making it happen!

Join us on Saturday 20 January, 09.00-16.00
Price: £80 (Early bird price of £75 available if you book before 20th December)

Book here or contact me with any questions! 

Please note that while the day is a great choice for anyone exploring working for themselves, it does not deal in the practicalities of launching your own business. Luckily though we have the perfect workshop for you if that's what you're looking for or why not join both as they're designed to work together ... clever that! :) 

Earlier Event: August 12
Make Your Dreams Reality!