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I want to UNDERSTAND what marketing is all about - help me! 

In an ever-connected online world full of self-proclaimed experts using unhelpful jargon, it's easy to get overwhelmed by USPs, CPC, SEO and social media; and feel like everyone knows what they're talking about (they don't) apart from you!

It might well feel like you need a marketing degree or a hefty budget to start making waves, but like many things, a little knowledge can go a long way, especially when you're starting out. 

In fact ... it's actually relatively easy to get to grips with the basics.

Marketing is simply about making sure your product or service does what your customers need; is available to buy at the right price and that they know about it how to get it. Easy... right?

Let me show you... 

The Map of Marketing

You wouldn't set out on your travels without planning the route on a map, so why should your marketing journey be any different!?

Follow the map to make your way to the heart of the island & its WOW Waterfall! 

FREE resources

It's hard to know where to begin when planning how to market your own business ... so to help you get started I've designed an  easy-to-use personal brand worksheet to start  identifying what makes you stand out from the crowd!


Do your research...

It's information overload out there, so why not head to the blog for lots of helpful articles about business basics, taking the plunge to self-employment and much more. 

And if you're new to marketing - start here!

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