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Marketing mentoring & consultancy for START-UPS AND creative ENTREPRENEURS.

Many of us dream of running of our own business and going self-employed, but the reality of being the CEO, HR department, marketing manager, admin assistant and social media guru of your own company can be EXHAUSTING! Team that with a crowded market where being heard is near damn impossible and it's not surprising that many (budding) entrepreneurs' heads are in a spin! 

Going out there on your own is super challenging, and whilst your friends & family will be there to support, often they may lack the skills, knowledge AND objectivity to provide the advice you really want or need. That being said, with the right support and guidance, taking that leap to become an entrepreneur needn't be a headache - you just need the right person to work with!

And with a post-graduate professional diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and qualifications in Leadership & Management,  plus over 10 years’ experience in a broad range of marketing, communications and strategic management roles before setting up my own company, I am here to get on your squad!

None of us are superhuman, but working alongside someone with the experience you need, allows you to focus on developing your passion for your product or service. Plus quite simply, two heads are better than one! 

As a critical friend, mentor and consultant, I can help you through the process of launching or developing your business:

  • Listen to your ideas and give you honest feedback on them.
  • Work through proven business development and marketing tools, to produce a robust business plan to work through.
  • Take the time to talk through your problems and worries, and share my experience of dealing with similar situations;
  • Set goals for your launch, initial 6 months, first year and beyond to scale your business profitably.

Whilst more practically, using my marketing expertise, experience and professional network, I can:

  • Build a kick ass brand to reflect your value-based business and importantly your authentic self.
  • Develop a consistent messaging plan across all platforms to meet and exceed your customers' wants and needs, incorporating marketing strategy and execution, digital marketing, events curation, copywriting & blogging, social media management and lots more! 
  • Deliver training to empower you to start thinking like a marketing manager and branding expert. From newsletter writing, to blog production, content creation, web management and more, take the stress or professional cost out of simple marketing techniques.
  • I also offer freelance marketing services for those who just want to get the job done without any hassle! 

Why not find out more ... maybe we can create marketing magic!

My 'Shape It Sessions' offer you the chance to focus specifically on one goal, mapping out a plan and coming up with a series of actions to achieve it! Bespoke monthly packages also available including a 1 hour 1-2-1 Skype session, 20 minute mid-month catch up call, written feedback, resources and email support.

Freelance services and consultancy can be added at an agreed hourly fee, depending on the nature of the work.


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