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'Make Your Dreams Reality': a different kind of wellness workshop!


'Make Your Dreams Reality': a different kind of wellness workshop!

Liz Hardaker

Answers On A Postcard and We Are Wellness are collaborating this August in Leeds on a life changing workshop 'Make Your Dreams Reality', designed to help you take the plunge to live the life you want and follow your dreams!

With that in mind, here's a little more about where the idea came from, what you can expect from the day and why pursuing some small or big changes in your lifestyle might just be that piece of the wellbeing puzzle you're looking for! 

'Make Your Dreams Reality': a different kind of wellness workshop!

I think it's fair to say that in the past couple of years the concepts of wellness and wellbeing have increasingly been put on our agenda as an important part of all of our lives. More so than ever we are aware of what we eat, we move more, we try to take time for ourselves, practise yoga, and even meditation has for many of us become a part of everyday life... yay!

That being said, for me, there is often a part of wellness that is sometimes overlooked and that is that if you are are not fundamentally living a lifestyle that you love, in some respects it feels that you might be undermining all that good work and as a result end up feeling a little short-changed by life! Ring a bell?! 

For me, the phrases 'round peg in a square hole' and 'a fish out of water' rang too true for too long! Four years ago, I might have been hitting the gym or a yoga class 3 times a week after work and eating plenty of avocados and kale, but ultimately the little voice inside was uncomfortably aware that life didn't really feel like all it was cracked up to be! And it sucked! 

My stressful 9-5 job (scratch that, more like 8-6), the pressures of a mortgage, bills and ticking all thoses boxes we feel like we're meant to achieve were suffocating me and it wasn't much fun at all! I craved a different, simpler kind of life, but was almost constantly aware that I felt powerless to change it! But eventually with lots of hard work and determination I did and more importantly YOU CAN TOO! 

Why 'Make Your Dreams A Reality'?

I first met Helena from We Are Wellness around the time I made the leap to quit my job and start travelling. That was long before she had set up her lovely studio and this website was just a pipedream in itself. Fast forward 4 years and lots of change for both of us and through the magic of Instagram I got a message one day to say that she loved all my pics of life in the sun, had a dream of her own to spend more time in Portugal and so was curious to know how I'd made it possible?! 

'Make Your Dreams Reality': a different kind of wellness workshop!

So we had a coffee, caught up on everything and we realised that from slightly different starting points we both were very much on the same page in terms of helping people to live a life they love that encompasses all aspects of wellbeing AND having fun! 

And so our 'Make Your Dreams Reality' workshop was born!

What to expect?!

We know it might be a little daunting to attend a workshop about changing your life, but we are super excited that the 12th August will be a fun, friendly morning where you can feel safe in the fact you can dare to dream without any judgement and more importantly it's going to be a blast! No death by PowerPoint; the day is all about bringing together an amazing group of people (that's you by the way) who are ready to be inspired and take on board practical advice about how to really start living the life you want! 

'Make Your Dreams Reality': a different kind of wellness workshop!
'Make Your Dreams Reality': a different kind of wellness workshop!

So whether you want to get healthier, go part-time at work, change careers, travel more, set up your own business or just feel stuck in rut and want to kickstart something awesome (whatever that might be!), the day is designed to allow you to take from it what you want ... it's your life after all!

Here's the plan of action!

  • Inspiring vinyasa yoga to get the creative juices and your body flowing

  • A warm, friendly and supportive space where anything might just be possible

  • Saying it's okay to be scared about change!

  • No judgement

  • First hand experience about how to 'quit your life' and make the changes you want, however big or small.

  • Coaching-based exercises and activities in a fun and collaborative environment - we're going to have a laugh!

  • Super helpful, no jargon resources ... NO BS HERE!

  • Saying that friends, family, flexibility and travel are important to you! 

  • 1-2-1 honest, supportive advice to start you on your way as you reach for the stars - we're all different and this is NOT about following the same path as anyone else.

  • And brunch ... because when do we not need brunch!?

Is it right for me!?

Very simply YES!

Whilst by no means we're saying there's a magic wand, we both know that with hard work, the right mindset and some easy to follow practical resources, many things are possible! 

The day is designed to help you identify the 'what', navigate the 'how' and mostly just believe that you've got this down! 

You can expect to leave the day inspired, motivated and equipped with the tools you need to start making positive changes in your health, wellbeing and lifestyle ... whether they're small steps or big decisions to take the leap to live life differently! 

And trust me, if the scared, sensible girl who worked for Leeds City Council can do it ... there's no reason you can't either! 

'Make Your Dreams Reality': a different kind of wellness workshop!
'Make Your Dreams Reality': a different kind of wellness workshop!

Find out more!

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It's out there if you want it!

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