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5 ways working with a marketing mentor can benefit your business.


5 ways working with a marketing mentor can benefit your business.

Liz Hardaker

Anyone who has ever launched their own business knows how exciting it is to go out there on your own as an entrepreneur! The first few months are a happy (albeit sleepless) blur of new ideas and celebrating the early wins of those first precious sales, but often then reality kicks in. 

The day to day grind of being the owner, marketing manager, HR department, admin assistant and social media guru of your own company can be EXHAUSTING and OVERWHELMING! Whilst you're no doubt an expert at what you're good at and have a fantastic product or service; the rest of being an entrepreneur, especially marketing your new business, may well feel like a mystery! 

This is where working with a marketing mentor, like me, comes in! 

5 ways marketing mentoring can benefit your business.png

What is marketing mentoring? 

Lots of different definitions spring to mind when we think of working with a mentor, but in my mind when I work with clients, I'm offering a supportive, yet challenging combination of a business coach, marketing manager, critical friend,  team-mate, accountability partner, and cheerleader. Or as my client described me the other day, I'm her 'marketing guru big sister'! :) 

Mentors (whatever area they're working in) are experienced in their field, which essentially means you don't need to be! You don't need a degree and 10 years of a marketing career because they've been there, done that and have the t-shirt! They are there to use their skills, knowledge and experience to support YOU to grow YOUR business by having access to the advice you need and saving you valuable time and money by not having to spend every evening on Google learning how to use the latest social media platform or marketing technique!

We might work on building your brand, crafting your customer profile, developing your product range, writing your marketing plan, building your social media profile or whatever it is that makes a difference to YOU!

Here's 5 ways working with a marketing mentor can benefit your business.

1) Access to an expert!

By working with a mentor, you have the opportunity to tap into an invaluable bank of knowledge that can allow you to grow your business as an entrepreneur and develop your know-how so you're equipped for the future. Why not view the work together as valuable professional and personal development as you get to pick the brains of someone who has been on a similar journey to you and benefit from their advice. You might well be surprised about how quickly you can learn the fundamentals of marketing and be empowered to start making important business decisions! 

5 ways working with a marketing mentor benefit your business

2) A sounding board for your ideas

Many people I work with have a clear vision about where they want to be as an entrepreneur or business owner, but find themselves wasting valuable time, energy and budget, trying to tick all the marketing 'boxes' (on top of delivering everything else it takes to be self employed); only to find that all of their hard work & efforts don't quite reap the rewards they'd set their heart on ... and they're on the verge of burnout! A mentor is there to give you informed, outside perspective and provide a sounding board for all your ideas and anxieties - taking the pressure off and helping you gain clarity on the marketing techniques that will make the biggest difference to your biz.

3) Work through those pain-points

Some aspects of business are tricky to get your head round! Pricing, systems, marketing plans and new technology can be overwhelming and frustrating! Not only can they give you a headache, but they also monopolise valuable time that you really want to use developing the products and services you're so passionate about or just getting the job done! A mentor can help you work through these pain-points, breaking down barriers and using tried & tested techniques to simplify jargon filled tech talk. Yes, these areas of business need to be dealt with, but it's much easier with two heads rather than one! 

5 ways working with a marketing mentor benefit your business

4) Be a start-up with a marketing department!

I'm on your team! As a growing business, having a marketing department might feel like a bit of a pipe-dream right now, leaving you feeling a little in the dark when it comes to the best way to put your incredible products in front of your customers. Working with a mentor however can give you that temporary support you need - enabling you to develop your brand, put marketing strategies in place and execute delivery. Basically I've got your back, until you're ready to fly the nest or take on your own team. 

5) Maximise your budget!

It may seem counter intuitive that working with a mentor can save you money, but think of all those hours you've spent trying to get to grips with analytics, identifying the right marketing mix or developing new products that never see the light of day. Working with an accountability partner ensures your time is best used AND on top of that you'll be investing your well earned cash in the right place to reap the rewards with more sales, return on your spend and happy customers! 

Sounds good right!? 

5 ways working with a marketing mentor benefit your business

Don't just hear it from me!

Of course I think marketing mentoring is the bees knees because that's what I offer and I know how much my clients get from it, but don't just hear it from me! Recently, my incredible client and Yoga Sister, Lindsay Gale, wrote all about her experiences of working together on building her brand over on her website, which you can check out here


Or try it for yourself!

If you think your business could benefit from marketing mentoring and you want to make the most of my experience by getting your head around simple ways to market your business, why not BOOK A FREE INITIAL 20 MINUTE CHAT TO TALK THROUGH YOUR NEEDS and get some complimentary help on me! 



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