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How to never settle for a mediocre life


How to never settle for a mediocre life

Liz Hardaker

Kerry Lyons is a designer-come-mentor for folk going through a quarter-life crisis. She quit her 9-5 (more like 8-7!) in design agency-land in 2013 to start-up her own design studio, take control of her time and create a better work-life balance for herself and her family. She’s since condensed her schedule into a 3-day work week so she can spend quality time with her daughter.

Here in a guest post, she shares with you why to never settle for a mediocre life.

how to never settle for a mediocre life - Kerry Lyons

I’m intrigued to know why you chose to read this post. The headline obviously spoke to you, and maybe that’s because you’d love to make some little tweaks to your life, or maybe even some massive changes. Either way, however big your fear is of your life being mediocre, it’s completely fixable. Promise :)

And how do I know? Because I fixed my own.

To some, I’m pretty sure looking in on my life, people might see ‘mediocre’. But from where I’m standing in my own life, that’s the furthest from what I see. And that’s the golden nugget: it’s nothing about what anyone outside sees, it’s 100% about what you see. I’d love to show you how I’ve got that crazy-liberating headspace.

how to never settle for a mediocre life - Kerry Lyons

It’s actually quite simple and not at all complicated. You just need to slightly pivot the way you’re looking at things. So let me ask you these few questions, and you answer them honestly;

1. Do you have a predetermined image of what your life’s supposed to look like?

2. Is it one you perhaps ‘borrowed’ from online/in the media/someone else’s perception?

3. Do you feel you have to have achieved things by certain dates, or else you’ve failed?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then perhaps you need to ask yourself – what do I want my own life to look like, for me? Does my life feel mediocre because it’s not about me? If these questions have got you thinking, then I suspect you might be on the ‘making some massive changes’ end of the spectrum I mentioned earlier. But don’t worry, read until the end because I’ve got something for you.

Or perhaps you feel pretty content with how things are going, but things just feel a little stale. A bit ‘meh’. You might be more on the ‘making some little tweaks’ end of the spectrum. What you need to ask yourself is, am I actually settling for mediocre here, or am I just in a setback? Because they’re very different. One is defeatist, downtrodden and based on impatience, and the other is determined, focused and centred on patience. Which camp sounds more fun to you? :)

If like me, you’d rather be in the latter, then you and I are gonna get on a treat. However, if you’d rather be in the former, this post probably isn’t for you.

So first thing’s first, it’s important to register that whatever dream life you envision for yourself, it’s not supposed to happen overnight. I mean for one, what would be the fun in that? And even if it did happen overnight, then what would you dream about?! The crux of it is, you have to switch the focus of your dream, from the destination after making it happen, to the journey of making it happen.

how to never settle for a mediocre life - Kerry Lyons

So yep, I’m talking about you beginning to love both the ups and the downs, the highs and the hurdles, the wins and the losses. Because every single step of the journey is educating you, helping you grow, working toward your dream and crucially showing how to never settle for mediocre. When you’re on a mission to achieve something for yourself, and you’re loving every moment of the process, feeling that your life is mediocre isn’t even a passing thought anymore. It’s like it never existed.

Basically, once you absorb and master this mindset, it won’t matter how long it takes you to get there. I’m serious! :) Wherever ‘there’ is for you. And even if you’re fortunate enough to ever ‘get there’, you’ll have enjoyed the lumps and bumps of your journey so much, you’ll want to set off on a brand new one. You just watch.

how to never settle for a mediocre life - Kerry Lyons

Sure, maybe this all sounds great in theory, but what happens when you’ve no idea what you want your life to look like? How can you possibly set off on your journey when you’ve no destination? Does that mean you’re destined for mediocre? Hell to the no. You just need some help with planning your maps ’tis all.

Thankfully there are loads of great resources out there and blogs like my own The Imperfect Life and Answers On A Postcard packed full of ideas and first hand experience to give you the clarity you're looking for in life!

If you're interested in making some mega, positive changes in your life and never, ever settling for mediocre, you can get started right here

You're worth it!

Kerry Lyons is the creator of The Imperfect Life®, founder of the Kerry Lyons Co. design studio and it’s her life’s work to help you find your happy.

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