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Answers On A Postcard | better lives, better business, better balance

Believing in better lives, better business, better balance.

Answers On A Postcard is the coaching platform & consultancy for entrepreneurs, start-ups and adventure seekers looking to create change. Join a community wanting to change careers, work remotely or become an entrepreneur! Take the plunge to live, work and travel differently through personal mentoring, business coaching, brand development, freelance marketing consultancy and start-up support.  

your remote marketing one-stop shop

Hello! I’m Liz - the founder of Answers On A Postcard!

I’m on a mission, using my years of experience as a marketing ‘all-rounder’, to take the mystery, time and effort out of promoting YOUR business.

I’m here to help you avoid marketing overwhelm and empower you to build a value-led brand, where you can focus on meaningful work you LOVE as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Just like I have ...

Four years ago, after many years working in marketing and project management, I quit 9-5, escaped the city and set off on an adventure to create the life & business I was dreaming of.

I want to support you do it too... why not let me help you? Liz x

answers on a postcard is the remote marketing one-stop shop for passionate entrepreneurs, value-led start-ups and busy business owners; offering supportive marketing mentoring & consultancy; brand development and communications solutions that make a difference to you, your customers and your business, wherever you are in the world!

More and more of us are taking the plunge to meaningful self-employment, but it's a marketing minefield out there! 

Where should you invest your limited resources?

On brand development? On a website? On social media management? On advertising? On PR? On content creation? On SEO? 

Or are you exhausted even trying to understand what all of these are?!

This is where I come in! 

I offer no-nonsense, helpful marketing solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses that allow you to make the most of your time and budget, and let you focus on your passion for your business and lifestyle!

I focus on empowering my clients to build meaningful businesses and brands they love, whilst equipping them with the practical marketing tools they need to get the word out there and create sales. Or even more simply I take the hard work off your hands and do it for you! It's your choice.


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